Solar air conditioning refers to cooling systems using solar power to cool a home

Solar air conditioning refers to cooling systems using solar power to cool a home. Solar air conditioning units and heat pumps capture solar energy and convert it into electrical power used to run an air conditioner or heat pump. Electrical utility bills are rising for homeowners across Australia. Australians are wondering if solar air conditioning is a long term solution for controlling home energy costs.

Solar power has advanced to the point where it can supplement grid-based electrical power to homes for appliances, computers as well as for lighting. Solar power and its conversion to electricity for heating, cooling and other uses is nonpolluting. Its also very plentiful!

In 2013, electrical tariffs are expected to rise as much as 20%. This means many people will end up with electricity bills that come close to the monthly mortgage payment. In fact, home heating and cooling accounts for over 50% of a monthly electricity bill.

Consumers are looking for ways Intelligent Frequency Conversion Condensing unit to reduce their reliance on traditional source of electricity. Modern solar air conditioning systems are hybrid units. That means they harness the heat of the sun to reduce the energy needed to drive the cooling process of a conditioning system. This in turn, reduces the energy needed to run the compressor.

Home solar air conditioning units use a thermal collector to capture energy from the sun. When you look at a home outfitted for solar air conditioning, you will notice it has a panel mounted on a south facing roof or exterior wall. This is where energy is collected to power the system.

These solar air conditioners are classified as a hybrid system because there is still power required from the traditional source of electricity. Utility power is required for nighttime cooling as well as for keeping a home cool when the suns rays are blocked by clouds. Also, a small amount of electrical power is required to Fresh Air Ventilating Unit operate some parts of the system.

Some solar products can connect to a heat pump to provide energy for heating and cooling a home. An additional benefit is the energy can heat water for household consumption and for heating a swimming pool or spa. These products reduce the energy consumption for heating and cooling indoors and outdoors.

The family can enjoy outdoor pool fun all year long. Because outdoor spas or pool water is kept at a steady temperature without adding dollars to the utility bill. In fact, home owners enjoy a huge drop in energy costs after implementing one of these combo solar air conditioning heat pump products.

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