Economic calculations and a comparison

28 mai 2019

Chiller Manufacturers

Economic calculations and a comparison of CO2 show that solar heaters are the latest generation future-proof solutions in the marketplace. There are many solar heating systems but when it is worth the investment and which system protects the environment the most? In a recent comparison test five heaters were compared:

In the test we compared gas heater and solar heating system combination, a oil heater combined with a solar heating system, a borehole heat pump combined with a solar heating system, a solar air heat pump and a solar heating system consisting of solar panels and a hybrid Aluminium Fin Evaporator energy storage system.

The result: Initial results showed that Solar Heating SOLAERA provided significant cost advantages over solar-assisted oil and gas heating and heat pump heating systems on the ground probes. An oil heating system with solar per year is 36 percent more expensive than the solar heating SOLAERA.

When looking into the different options we consider the investment costs of equipment, interest, installations, material, maintenance, fuel / electricity price increases and promotions as part of a full cost accounting for over 20 years. The investment costs were taken including a study by the Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg as well as a recent survey by the Consumer Rheinland-Pfalz.

The timings for the heating efficiency are based on independent test results of the Stiftung Warentest, the heat pump field test study of Agenda 21 group Lahr and the ITW, Universität Stuttgart. The simulation results were verified in a Consolar and the ITW supervised promotion. For SOLAERA came three electricity rates in the comparison: the conventional heat pumps with electricity tariff curfew, which was scheduled for the air and ground probes heat pump, and a conventional electricity tariff without closing times and an eco-power tariff.

Solar heating has the lowest CO2 emissions

In addition to the total annual cost of the heating systems a comparison of CO2 emissions was made. As a basis, the CO2 equivalent of 4.5 GEMIS study were used and compared.

According to many renewable heat can be obtained through the specially designed hybrid collectors directly from the sun and from the surrounding air. This saves SOLAERA more than 60 percent compared to an oil heating without solar heating and 35 percent compared to gas heating and air heat pumps, each in combination with a solar thermal system. Borehole heat pumps with solar panels have a 20 percent greater CO2 emissions than SOLAERA.

Solar heating with the greatest energy savings

The solar heating of SOLAERA Consolar is the only system that exceeds a primary energy saving of 50 percent. This shows that it is conventionally supported by a solar heating and is not – supported as in other systems – to a conventional solar heating. For this pioneering step, by the German Federal Environmental Foundation Solar Heating SOLAERA supported with several innovation prizes awarded including the OTTI Innovation Award and the Swiss energissima Award.

SOLAERA will enable the full heat of a single-or multi-family house in the old or new, without gas, oil, heat pump or air-ground probes evaporator in the garden. This is made possible by newly developed hybrid panels, which are the only source of heat the house, and integrated into the system combination of heat pump and latent. The system is compact and is conveniently located in the basement of the building space.

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